As coaches and counselors, we specialize in helping women of color thrive in every aspect of life.

Common areas we address

Healing around…

  • Career Stress and Changes
  • Financial issues and stress
  • Relationships challenges
  • Break-ups
  • Communication Skills
  • Couples or Marital Conflict
  • Major life changes (moves, divorce, job transitions)
  • Boundaries
  • Home life overwhelm
  • Health conditions
  • Childhood trauma
  • Self-worth
  • Depression
  • Family trauma

Empowerment to...

  • Create a joy-filled life
  • Honor your voice
  • Learn self care skills that promote happiness
  • Master the art of putting yourself first
  • Acknowledge old trauma and learn techniques to heal the past
  • Rewrite your story of being a victim and identity the victories in your past
  • Recognize and appreciate your superpowers and strengths
  • Learn how to make new adult friendships
  • Release toxic people
  • Create new patterns that support your new mindset
  • Create healthy boundaries and communication

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