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In the Thrive Circle, we believe in the power of partnership. Pairing up with an accountability partner can significantly enhance your walk toward success. Our Thrive Circle offers a virtual co-working space so you can get things done. Bring your to-do list and use this time to get started on tasks or complete projects. Our group members have used this time to schedule doctor appointments, answer work emails, complete documents for work, organize home projects, declutter a workspace, register for school and other things that were preventing them from moving forward.

Here's why pairing works:

🤝 Shared Understanding: Your accountability partners understand the challenges and strengths of ADHD because they're navigating similar experiences. This shared understanding creates a bond that goes beyond typical support systems.

ğŸŽ¯ Focused Goals: When you set goals with your accountability partner, you're not only committing to yourself but also to someone who genuinely cares about your progress. This added layer of commitment boosts your motivation and helps you stay focused on your objectives.

👏 Encouragement and Celebrations: Celebrating successes is crucial for maintaining motivation. With an accountability partner, you have someone who celebrates even your smallest victories. This positive reinforcement can be a game-changer in building confidence and resilience.

🔄 Accountability Loops: Regular check-ins with your partner create a feedback loop. You share your progress, discuss setbacks, and troubleshoot challenges together. This ongoing loop of accountability keeps you both motivated and adaptable to changing circumstances.

💡 Mutual Growth: By being an accountability partner, you not only help your partner but also learn from their experiences. This mutual exchange of insights promotes personal growth and a deeper understanding of ADHD management.

The Thrive Circle group is offered throughout the year. The group is led by a skilled therapist.

Rate: $25.00 per session

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