Marriage Counseling


Do you want less of this…

And more of this?


How would it feel to get back to being in love? What would it be like to stop falling into the same poor patterns of behaving and communicating with each other?

You might not feel that you could ever get back there. Too much has happened…you can’t take back the hurtful words that were said…you’ve just drifted too far from one another.

Or maybe you’ve just hit a rough patch…every marriage does.

Working with our therapists, you can get back on track.

We have been there in the midst of relationship struggles and know how you feel.

Maybe you feel….
Your partner isn’t willing to try…
Counseling is too expensive…
The process will take too long…
Lost or stuck and don’t know where to start

Mostly, you feel like giving up.

BUT, with all that is at stake, won’t the one-more-time willingness, time and money invested, and openness to get help be worth it in the end?

Don’t worry. You will learn from the best. Our therapists have mastered the processes of marriage counseling expert Dr. John Gottman. Gottman’s highly-researched and effective methods will help you

  • Increase closeness and create a bond of friendship
  • Learn to fight fair
  • Overcome differences in communication styles
  • Create a life of deeper meaning in your couple


  • Having greater intimacy and passion
  • Talking to each other and not past each other
  • Managing conflict without increased stress
  • Showing understanding to your partner even when you disagree

In your everyday life, this looks like improving your parenting, working through sexual struggles, getting on the same page on money and finances, managing household expectations and duties, and spicing things up when the spark has died out.

Perhaps you tried other forms of “couples therapy” without success, and you’re looking for something more useful. You may have never tried couples counseling before, but know your relationship needs to change.

Our marriage counseling sessions won’t waste your time or money; we have a 95 percent track record of couples remaining married. When couples are committed to the process, they report having higher levels of marital satisfaction and a better union.

Discover a safe space to learn practical tools and techniques so that you can understand yourself and your partner better.

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