Melisa Alaba, LPC, CEO


Hello, I'm Melisa Alaba,! I’m here to help partners come back together to have good friendship, respect, and connection, and to build a trusting relationship that deepens over time. Relationships are not always easy. It takes work to get on the same page and stay in harmony.

I specialize in working with couples to heal all kinds of issues:

  Marital conflict

  Poor communication


  Money Trauma

  Sexual disconnection

  Old issues

For over 20 years, I have guided couples and individuals in communicating with each other, working through sexual struggles, getting on the same page on money and finances, managing household expectations and duties, and finally dealing with old issues that keep coming up.

And I teach folks how to communicate so everyone is heard and seen.

Conflict can feel hard. When couples see disagreements as opportunities for growth, they can work together. Each person gets what they need.

So, how’s your relationship these days? Whether you’re newly married and seeing some tension bubble up or in a decades-long partnership where the passion is gone, I’m here to help.

I create a safe space for my clients and teach practical tools and techniques. You will understand yourself and your partner better. With my guidance, you learn how to understand your spouse’s value in a brand new way and how you complement each other.

I work on a foundational level, getting at the root of all conflict and uncovering hidden beliefs so that you can fix the broken communication patterns and create new dynamics based on love and mutual respect.

As a Level 3 Gottman-trained therapist, we go through a process that allows transformation in our relationships.

Give your marriage the love it deserves.

You can get back on solid ground again. And I’m here to show you how. 

I also work with individuals:

  • Who wants to be in a healthy relationship (Divorce or break-up recovery)
  • Recover from Narcissistic relationship and co-parenting with a difficult parent
  • Reset Boundaries at home or work
  • Manage Adult ADHD
  • Feel more self-assured and less imposter syndrome
  • Work through Money trauma and Childhood trauma

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