Melisa Alaba, CEO, Money and Life Coach


Hello, I'm Melisa Alaba, the visionary behind Vision Works Counseling and Coaching. As the CEO and Group Practice Owner, my mission is crystal clear: to reshape the mental health landscape and help professionals like you reach unparalleled success.

My passion is the fuel that propels me forward, igniting a journey towards holistic wellness. I'm all about empowering you to scale your personal peaks, embracing healing and tailor-made care. My expertise spans coaching, training, speaking, and leadership – each a testament to my commitment to fostering growth.

But my impact doesn't stop at certificates; it's rooted in mentorship, nurturing the next wave of clinicians with unshakable belief in their unique abilities. I'm not just an advocate for progress; I’m a doer.

Together with my team, we're catalysts of change, offering direct clinical and coaching care to clients. As well as offering a range of trainings and workshops that include:

  • Mental Health: Customized evidenced based workshops that nurture well-being in students, employees and leaders.
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity: Guiding organizations towards harmony and inclusivity.
  • Financial Wellness: Equipping you with tools to navigate financial challenges and live a balanced life.
  • Managing Remote Teams: Unpacking the dynamics of remote teamwork and offering specialized behavioral tele-health services.

As a Certified Executive Coach, I artfully use tools like Clifton Strengths, Strong Interest Inventory, Myers-Briggs, and Disc assessments to carve a unique path to success just for you.

Amidst my accomplishments, I find comfort in life's simple pleasures – a leisurely stroll along the beach and the infectious laughter of my grandchildren. These treasured moments rejuvenate my spirit, infusing my leadership with an approachability that resonates on a personal level.

In the realm of mental health and holistic wellness, I am grounded in practical solutions, professionalism, and unwavering impact. My passion to see you win. Let's embark on this journey together!

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