You can have A Happy, Healthy relationship…It’s Possible!

 You can learn to choose wisely and trust yourself again in relationships. It only takes new tools, a changed mindset, and healing through trauma work.

 You often find yourself over-giving in the hopes of getting the love you deeply desire. A fulfilling relationship that feels like partnership tops your “I’d-love-to-have-that-in-my-life” list.

Aspirations of excelling in your career or starting a business dance in your mind.

But you always seem bogged down in the small stuff…. everyone’s issues. After all, your mom, dad, partner, or children need you.

Perhaps you’ve developed codependent behaviors. These behaviors often lead to unhealthy relationships with partners who take more than they give.

You’re the Caretaker and Rescuer…

You know how to clean up any mess.

Consoling an unhappy child after the other parent is repeatedly unavailable, physically or emotionally…

Keeping the peace, no matter what it costs to your self-esteem or self-care…

Raising your hand for every additional project at work to help others (but often hurting yourself) …

Bailing a family member out of another situation (even when it hurts you financially or prevents you from doing something you desire) …

You continue to give out while the other person constantly takes.

You’ve bent over backward so many times you’re likely to snap with any more pressure.

Be kind to yourself because you probably got here honestly.

You may have been the caretaker of an addicted, abusive, or physically/mentally ill parent. You did what you needed to survive. Someone had to take over, make decisions, and create at least some normalcy amid the chaos.

It may sound odd. Yet, it could have felt good to be needed, even if your needs weren’t met.

But wouldn’t you like to learn to add some boundaries to your relationships and….

  • Stop dropping everything to rescue a family member every time they have a crisis, when you have pressing family and work responsibilities?
  • No longer allow your partner, coworker or friend to emotionally manipulate you
  • Drop the feeling that the “taker” in your life can’t live without you? (You will start living again!)
  • Loosen your grip on the relationship and permit others to be responsible for their feelings and actions? (No more covering for them and more self-protection for you.)

Knock over one domino of change, and they will all start to topple!

You will learn to trust yourself again in relationships.

When you show up differently, your relationships will shift into alignment with the new you

It probably won’t happen overnight. Sometimes, you won’t get it right.

But you will see progress and positive change.

You will feel different on the inside, and it will show up on the outside!

At Vision Works Counseling and Coaching, our therapists will help you…

  • Learn to love yourself (for real)
  • Put your needs first and take up space in the relationship
  • Practice soul-care and self-care
  • Let go of the fear of rejection if you can’t swoop in to save someone.
  • Ask to have your needs met

We can help you to see what healthy dependence in a relationship looks like.

You get to define your worth; you won’t need anyone else to give it to you.

Your new affirmation will be: “I am worthy of love because I am.” Full stop. No further explanation.

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