The Power of Mindful Attraction – How to Let Go To Attract What You Really Want

When it comes to pursuing what we really want, it can be all too easy to halt emerging dreams in their tracks from fear of failure and similar self-limiting thought processes. As empowered but potentially insecure black women we might tell ourselves it will ‘never happen’ or become convinced that true successes are destined for other people.

This negative way of thinking prevents you from receiving the gifts you dream of. You deserve to enjoy your life and live it to the very fullest. Perhaps love and desire with another person is what you seek. Or you might wish to progress higher in your career or develop a new skill that will enrich your life in some way. This article is here to help!

Here’s 3 easy ways to positively let go in order to encourage the right energy into your life:

  1. Acknowledge what no longer serves you. You cannot fill your life with the gifts you hope for when negative presences are taking up their potential space. Sometimes we hold on to people, possessions and activities from fear of failure or rejection. However, they do not serve us well and need to be consciously released for the benefit of your ongoing future. Spend some quality time reflecting upon what parts (or persons) within your life leave you anxious or depleted. It might be time to let these elements go to allow new opportunities and experiences to take their place.
  2. Level up your narrative. The words and phrases we choose to use each day hugely dictate the quality of life that we therefore experience. Regularly saying, “I am not good enough to…” or, “I don’t deserve…” will only attract negatives into your life. Focus on the positives, identifying the potential in each situation you find yourself in. Doing so will powerfully harness the power of attraction in order to cultivate the kind of life you wish to lead.
  3. Connect your mind and mood board. Once you have developed an idea of the direction you’d like to take and what you’d like to attract into your life, you will need a reference point to keep you focused. Enjoy some creative time putting together a mood board of all the elements you’d like to see enter your life. Use photo cuttings, make notes, sketch—whatever excites you! Place the mood board in a place where you can see it regularly. Add to it when you can, developing your inner desires and ideas over time.

If you are struggling to manifest the experiences and opportunities you wish to enjoy, then it might be time to seek the support of a coach or therapist to guide you. The expertise of an insightful professional could make all the difference to your journey towards personal success and authentic joy. Who knows what —or who— might be waiting for you, with the right mindset in place?

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