Couples Finance – 5 Ways to Create Healthy Balance, No Matter How Much You Earn

Within our relationships, we seek bonding and close connection. It makes us feel safe and honored by our partner. When we earn differing amounts to one another, everyday factors such as finance can become a catalyst for conflict over time.

So—how can we better our approach to financial balance in order to create healthy love and connection with our partners both now and in the future?

The key to financial success for a couple, is having the right approach to the situation. There are several achievable ways to do this. All you need now, is the right know how to get you started!

Here are 5 easy ways to create healthy balance between you, regardless of your income:

  1. Embrace absolute honesty. Pushing your finances out of sight (or let’s face it, to the back of the kitchen drawer) won’t help matters. Be honest with each other about what you earn and spend. Don’t apologies for what you earn but remain humble also. Money is only one part of our lives and it does not define us ultimately.
  2. Every penny counts. If your partner earns a meagre amount from a side hustle or main occupation, don’t underestimate the importance of that money. Every cent earned is contributing to your lives together. In many instances, the work we are paid least for (or that we are unpaid for, even) is the most valuable of all in terms of personal gain and development.
  3. Listen first to learn more. When we discuss a topic we are uncomfortable with, it can be tempting to fall into a state of reactivity. You might be surprised at what you can learn from your partner’s perspective if you pause long enough to hear them out. Use open questions to encourage full bodies answers that really help you understand one another.
  4. Identify your goals. Fundamentally, we earn money so that we can survive and thrive. Being on the same page as your partner in terms of future vision is imperative to your success together ultimately. Set aside quality time away from smartphones and screens to discuss how you spend your money and how fair you feel the balance really is. Doing so will bring you more closely into alignment.
  5. Laugh together! Talking about money can feel heavy at times. To keep you on track, ensure you keep a sense of humor regarding your situation. Apply a warm sense of positivity to your conversations as much as possible. If things become stressful or tensions start to run high, step away and go do something fun. Return to the conversation later on, when you’re both feeling refreshed.

Life tends to throw curve balls at us when we least expect them. The money you earn now could all change within a moment—for better or worse. The wonderful thing about sharing a life with someone you love is that you can support each other in times of difficulty along with enjoying the fruits of your shared labor. You’ve got this!

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